How much can I pack in my vehicle?

  • Weight of a vehicle is an important factor when arranging for auto transportation. An overweight and/or overloaded vehicle may be refused for transport. Department of Transportation regulations require that auto transporters stop at all weight scales and comply with federal highway weight restrictions. Approximately 100 pounds of additional weight in the trunk of the vehicle is permitted.
  • Do not pack important documents, medications, alcohol, plants, animals, or contraband in your vehicle.
  • Personal items are packed at your own risk and are covered by your insurance.

Should I use a terminal? What are the benefits?

  • Terminal to terminal delivery is always the least expensive and fastest method of transportation. Our many satellite terminals enable our customers to have a choice in transportation options. Our Florida terminals offer home delivery to most cities. Airport service is also available in select cities. Home pickup and delivery are done by either valet drivers or flatbed trucks.

Need to find a terminal close to you?

What are the estimated delivery times?

  • Delivery dates are dependent upon favorable weather and road conditions and usually range between 4-7 days to Florida. Delivery of northbound Florida vehicles in the spring can range between 5-9 days. Delivery dates cannot be guaranteed, but we make a good faith effort to move the vehicle as promptly as possible in accordance with the Shipper’s instructions.

Can I schedule my auto shipment for a specific date?

  • East Coast Auto Transport will pick up your vehicle on the date requested by you. We will not give you a window like other transport companies. Be weary of those who cannot pickup your vehicle on the requested day.

Is my vehicle insured?

  • Carrier cargo and liability insurance is in effect while the vehicle is on the transport truck. Registration and proof of insurance should be kept in the vehicles.

How much fuel should be in my car?

  • Deliver your vehicle to our terminal with ¼ tank of gas or less. For home pick-up/delivery customers, ½ tank of gas (no more) is required.

Which keys will East Coast Auto need?

  • All keys are required – ignition, door and trunk keys!
  • ALL keyless entry/key-fobs MUST keep valet key in the remote
    (if “remote battery low” message is on when you start the car, please give us a different key – if remote battery dies there is no way to get into the car or start the car.)
  • Mercedes Benz owners – Please do not remove valet key from the remote.