Four Myths About Shipping Cars In The U.S.

Many car owners stay away from shipping their cars while moving to a new state because of a number of myths. These myths have been propagated mainly because of people’s experiences with inept shipping companies, but some don’t just make sense!! In this blog, we will closely study the myths and misconceptions in detail: 

Myth #1: The shipping quote is usually the same, save a few dollars, no matter which shipping company you choose

This is so not true! Some companies are known to charge extremely low rates and this might be a warning sign that your car will not be handled by experts after it is handed over. At the same time, there are companies that will charge a bomb on services that are considered standard in the car shipping industry. To get the right price, ensure that you compare a number of quotes before you make the choice. 

Myth #2: Preparing a car for shipping is too much the hassle.

You do not have to spend days getting your car ready for the move. All you have to do is get the documents in order, make a note of existing dents and damages and empty your car of all the belongings. After that, your car will be ready for shipping! 

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Myth #3: Terminal to terminal pick up and delivery costs less than door to door service. 

No, not true. In fact, some companies even charge you if you keep your car in the terminal longer than it should be. If you choose door pick up and delivery, the company takes the responsibility of picking up your car and shipping it to your home so essentially, it saves you a lot of time too. 

Myth #4: You should always go for enclosed trailers when shipping a car

This is necessary only if you own a classic or a sports car. Drivers and shipping companies practice a lot of caution when they are in the possession of your car. They have years of experience in car handling so you don’t have to worry about sending them in open trailers. The upside? You save a lot of money!

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