Selling Used Cars? EC Auto Transport Can Help You

According to recent statistics, Americans buy 39.4 million used cars each year, meaning that this is an extremely lucrative market that is not affected by the change in seasons. Another interesting element here is that this number will only increase with time. So, if you are considering to open up a used car dealership, then you are definitely going in the right direction. 

However, one thing that beginners in the industry often miss is that they can expand their inventory by getting used cars from different states. Having more options will definitely attract more customers and lead to a bump in profit margins, in addition to helping you scale your business. 

If you are considering the above-mentioned option, it’s best to approach an established and reputed auto transport company that offers coast to coast shipping services. Tying up with a company to have used cars shipped to you will ensure that you do not have to worry about getting your cars into your dealership. The auto transport company will take care of that. 

East Coast Auto Transport For Your Used Car Shipping Needs

EC Auto Transport - Car Dealers

East Coast Auto Transport is a family-owned car shipping company that offers its services in the US and Canada. With years of experience and extremely trained people behind the wheels, you can rest assured if you place your trust in us. Our trained drivers will make sure that the used cars reach you within no time at all; after all the requisite clearances are taken care of. 

What’s more, you will be able to transport a bevy of cars to your dealership whenever you feel like stocking up! We have a fleet of open-air trailers that can ship 7-8 cars comfortably at one go so that you can meet the demands of your customers like a pro right from the beginning. 

In addition to this, we bring a human touch to car shipping projects. We will be with you at every step of the way, helping you out to know the location of your shipment. Another upside of choosing us is that you can also take our help to transport a car to a customer who lives in another state. So, it’s a win-win situation for all! 

If you are looking for car shipping companies to ship used cars from different states to your dealership, look no further than East Coast Auto Transport. Get in touch with us today for a free quote