Shifting Postponed Due to COVID-19? Here’s What You Can Do!

With severe restrictions being in place in the U.S., people’s summer plans have gone into a tizzy! But, the current situation must be particularly difficult and frustrating for those who had plans of moving to a new city during the summers.

However, at the end of the day, your mental and physical well-being is of utmost importance and given the present situation, you should take all necessary precautions and do your bit to mitigate the spread of the virus, Now is the time to stay at home until the worst is over! 

But let’s face it. Staying at home can be boring, especially if you had big plans and they had to be postponed for no fault of yours. So what can you do while being quarantined? East Coast Auto Transport has suggestions for you that will help you to be ready for the move as soon as things seem better:

Compare car shipping companies

Don’t leave finding car shipping service providers for the last minute. Instead, call your friends and ask for references. Scan online reviews, speak with different providers and ask for a car shipping estimate. Finalize a shipping company so that you can make the move without any glitches when the time comes.

Find packers and movers

We know that you’d want to move as quickly as possible when things normalize. That is why hiring packers and movers would be a great idea because you won’t have to worry about spending hours just on labeling and packing all your stuff. The packers and movers will take care of that for you!

Again, follow a similar procedure of comparing competitors before hiring the one that looks right to you.

Get your documents in order

This might seem to be the last thing on your mind at the moment, but this is very, very important! Just before shifting to another location, many realize that their birth certificate is missing or that they don’t have their high school documents. Due to this, they might have to return just to get duplicate ones. 

Ensure that this doesn’t happen with you by getting everything in place well before the big move. This includes double-checking your car insurance and taking care of its renewal as well!


While these are difficult, uncertain times, preparing yourself for the future is important too. That is why we suggest that you take the above-mentioned pointers seriously if you will be shifting to a new city soon.

As of now, if you need to ship your car urgently because you are employed in one of the sectors that’s in the “essential services” list, we can help you to move your car on priority. Get in touch with us for a free quote now.