Shipping Your Car Just Got Affordable Again!

Making your big move to the City That Never Sleeps later this year or want to ship your car home amid the corona virus outbreak? Then give this blog a read because you’ll learn ways through which you can do it cheaply! 

We hope that you have enough time on your hands because immediate shipping can be hella expensive! Well, that won’t be the case if you choose us as we are offering 50 dollars off to people who want to hire us to shift their vehicles for the first time.

But yes, doing your research, comparing the companies that are offering you options, mulling over all the other elements – there is no doubt that all of it takes time. So, for your peace of mind, we suggest that you start working on your travel plan early. Meanwhile, here are two ways through which you can save a few bucks while transporting your car from one state to another

Enclosed trailer or an Open One? 

There are different types of trailers for every budget and need out there. Enclosed trailers are more expensive because fewer cars can be transported at once. But at the same time, if you have a sports or luxury car, then you should choose this as your vehicle is kept safe from dust, wind, and rain. 


Open-air trailers, on the other hand, usually have two levels and can carry 8-10 cars at once. If you have a regular car like everyone else, give this a try as open transport car shipping is easy on the pocket! 

Terminal to Terminal or Door to Door?

Car transport carriers offer a host of options that you can opt for as per your convenience. You can prefer to drop off your car at their designated spots and then pick it up once it reaches the terminal in the other state. Alternatively, you can choose direct car shipping companies that offer home delivery and pick up options.

As the carriers won’t have to spend their time and resources on driving your car to the delivery location, you’ll end up paying substantially lower if you go for a terminal to terminal delivery. 

These are just some ways through which you can transport your car cheaply. If you want to ship your vehicle within the U.S., then give us a call today, and we’ll send you a free quote that you will love!