3 Mistakes To Avoid While Shipping Your Car

As a family-run auto transport company with years of experience in the industry, we have seen many car owners make mistakes that prove to be costly for them when they ship their car from one state to another. We don’t want our customers to suffer the same fate so we will outline things to avoid while shipping your car in this blog! Read on to know more:

Mistake #1: Not emptying your car 

Transporting your belongings via your car might seem like a great idea if you do not want to ship them yourself. But transport companies are usually not allowed to transport such items in the cars that they carry. While no one will take responsibility if something happens to your personal items, remember that your car might not be permitted to cross states if it weighs more than it should. 

Mistake #2: Not confirming insurance coverage

It’s mandatory for car transport companies offering coast to coast shipping options in the USA to offer insurance to their customers. Ask for details of the insurance coverage that you’d be getting when you ship your car. If you feel that it isn’t enough for you, then you can consider purchasing extra insurance cover so that you are protected against any damages that might happen on the way. 

Mistake #3: Not giving enough attention to the documentation process 

You don’t want your car to reach a wrong address, do you? So, make sure that you triple check all the forms that you have filled as well as the documents that you have provided. 

Bear in mind that incomplete ownership documentation might cause the company to cancel the transportation process as it is compulsory to prove that you are the owner of the car. These issues can be easily avoided by getting everything in order before you even choose the auto transport company to ship your car

In addition to this, remember that the firm will thoroughly inspect your car before finalizing its shipping. No matter what happens, remain present during this process because they will make note of the condition of your car, and record all the previous damages. Ask for a copy of this document or simply take a photo of it. Also, ensure that they are reporting the previous damages accurately by checking everything out yourself. 

auto transport car safety cover by EC Auto Transport Company

This is very important because if there are noticeable, brand new scratches and marks on your car post its shipping, you can ask the company to reimburse you through its insurance. Don’t forget to have the driver sign on the dotted line to confirm that the damages were incurred during transport. This is to be done when the final round of inspections is being conducted right before your car is handed to you at the destination. 

These are just some of the things that a car owner should pay attention to while shipping his or her car. If you want to ship your car anywhere in the USA, then contact us for a free quote now!