Transporting Cars To Auctions With East Coast Auto Transport

If you are an auto dealer who deals in unused / pre-owned cars, conducting car auctions is an extremely profitable and easy way to get customers and to double your sales. However, most stay away from this field as the transportation of cars can get very complicated, especially if there are no experienced people around to help you out. After all, mapping out the logistics is no child’s play and it is crucial that all the cars reach the venue on time as well as hauled away as soon as the event is over.

If you are considering hiring additional staff just to drive back your cars, remember that it’s going to be time-consuming and expensive. Not only will you have to pay them, but you’ll also have to empty your wallet for the fuel that would be required to get back all your unsold cars. The auction’s ROI would not really cover all of these expenses. Another downside is that you won’t be able to hold back-to-back auctions all across the country with this business model, given the logistical constraints. 

But don’t worry, there is a solution to this: hiring an auto transport company that offers coast to coast shipping options in the USA. Few companies offer multi-vehicle shipping options to their customers and East Coast Auto Transport is pleased to inform you that it is one of the few! Whether you require auction-to-dealership quick transport option or vice versa, we have got you covered! 

Why Choose East Coast Auto Transport For Multi-Car Shipping?

We offer shipping options all over the US, thanks to our enviable base of car carriers. At the same time, as a family-run business, East Coast Auto Transport offers competitive rates for bulk auto transport. We offer open transport options that are known to be reliable and affordable. 

East Coast Auto Transport has built a reputation in helping people move their cars sans any problems and on time. While we will keep you informed on the location of your cars at any given moment, we also walk the extra mile to ensure that your shipment reaches the venue safe and sound. 

Should you wish to choose us to ship your fleet of cars, then get in touch with us for a free quote