To help get your vehicle shipped as quickly as possible and at the best price possible, we need to make sure every customer knows the rules for packing a car that will be transported.

Our trucks have to stop at every weigh station along the way and added weight can add up in added fines. To keep these fines at a minimum, we ask that each customer keep any additional belongings packed into the trunk of their vehicle. There cannot be anything left on the floor or on the seats whatsoever, keep everything out of sight and packed away inside of the car.

East Coast Auto Transport allows 100 pounds of additional weight in the car but it can only be placed in the trunk of the car.

East Coast Auto Transport is not responsible for any belongings left inside of your vehicle.

Your vehicle could be turned away if these rules are not followed. We want to make sure every customer gets their vehicle in a timely manner and we want to keep those costs down for each customer as well.

Thank you for understanding and thank you for being part of the East Coast Auto Transport family.