Who wouldn’t be concerned about handing over their car to someone they hardly know? It’s justified that you want to ensure that your car will be treated with care, not as a piece of junk that just needs to be transferred from one location to another. 

But how do you know whether the company that you have chosen is reliable or not? For your peace of mind, we have compiled a list of things you should scan for to ascertain that your vehicle will be well-looked-after: 




Is the company registered? 

Many people choose the first auto transport company on Google’s local listings. But it’s important to remember that there have been cases where scammers have posed as business owners. Make sure that you run a search on the company’s name on the Federal Motor Carrier Administration website to know weather’s it’s actually a legitimate one. 




Are there good reviews? 

Scan the reviews thoroughly. If someone you know has shipped his or her car through the company, then get in touch to know their experience. However, do stay wary if you see extremely glowing reviews and no bad ones. Such companies might just pay people to put in a good word online. 


Is it too cheap? 

Don’t get too enticed when you see extremely low prices. Many companies might just try to stuff in more cars to improve their bottom line. Good customer service is the last thing on their minds. Before finalizing one, make sure that you ask for free quotes and compare them with each other, because transportation costs will be more or less similar. 


Do they have an active insurance policy? 

One of the first things that auto transport company owners do when they venture into this business is to get everything insured. Given that they have so many cars on the road at once, it’s crucial that they have active insurance in rare cases when vehicles might get damaged because of an accident or due to bad weather. So, give their insurance copy a quick lookover to verify whether they are actually covered. 


Are there hidden costs? 

Any company that has been in the business for quite some time will offer you a free quote detailing all the costs that will be incurred by you to ship your car. 

Being hit with extra, hidden charges is the last thing you’d want when you are making a big move! That is why it is extremely important that you go through your quote and clarify everything with the auto transport company. Also, make sure that the quote clearly states your car’s brand and model as well as the pickup and drop location, and the type of transport that you have chosen. This won’t leave anything open to interpretation. 

If you are looking for a reliable and reputed car shipping company, then we are here to help you transport your car, even during this pandemic! Get in touch with professionals at East Coast Auto Transport today!