Looking for car transport options from NY to Florida during these days? Then we’d suggest that you opt for family-run businesses instead of the big companies.

There are a lot of benefits that come with hiring a family-owned company to ship your car. Let’s look at each one of them: 

You get updates right from the owners

They will pick up your vehicle quickly because there are fewer middlemen involved in the entire process. You are more likely to be in direct contact with the owners so if you want to know where your car has reached, you can get in touch with them and they will keep you informed. Moreover, they will pick up your car on the date requested by you! 

When you hire family-owned businesses, and not a broker that acts as an intermediary between you and a bigger company, the owners will inform you of delays if any, after talking to the relevant people. On the other hand, when you hire brokers, the process of getting information takes more time. 


Cost-effective shipping options

Carriers usually offer economical car transport options to people. In fact, their offerings are more attractively priced than other companies because there are fewer people are involved in the entire transaction. Moreover, a family-owned transport company might even give you discounts and prioritize the shipping of your car if you are in an emergency. Other businesses might not offer such perks. 

For instance, East Coast Transport offers “refer a friend’ incentive to its customers. It also waives off $50 on the first shipping order, other than providing door to door pick up and delivery options. Presently, it is also offering priority shipping options to students who are returning to their homes and need their car to get their cars shipped. So yes, family-owned companies care for you. 

Planning to transport your car anywhere in the USA but don’t want to visit an office because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic? Then we have got you covered! If you hire us for state to state auto transport, you can rest easy because we will ensure that your car reaches the destination safe and sound.