“When will my car arrive?”

“When will my car be here?” “How long does shipping my car take?” Think of the Auto Transport industry like you would about shipping a package through the mail. When you ship a package, the carrier gives you an expected arrival window. That’s the same thing that happens in the Auto Transport industry. Most Auto Transport companies will be able to give you and estimated date of arrival based on when you ship but remember, there are no guarantees on when your car will arrive and you should be cautious of any company that tells you and exact date of arrival.

“Why can’t I fill my car?”

When an Auto Transport truck ships cars, the Department of Transportation (DOT) prohibits personal belongings inside the passenger areas of personally owned vehicles across state lines. East Coast Auto Transport has to abide by DOT regulations and asks that any personal items be confined to the trunk of all cars and the back cargo area of any SUV’s. Not only does this keep us within regulations but it also helps keep your items safe and sound.