Our new Website!

We have Finally launched our new Website! We are excited to hear your reaction from the updates we have made. We feel that this change will make your experience as a customer much better and it will also offer a smoother booking and payment option. Along with the new Website, we have also introduced a new and improved East Coast Auto Transport logo and as you can see an email program that will allow us to keep in contact with you. We hope that these new updates will make us more of a household name and we will be able to grow with the times.

Due South,

It’s that time of year when you start making plans to skip the boring winter season and spend some time on a warm and sunny beach. Don’t feel like going to the beach? With fantastic fishing all year round and one of the best water sports weather in the world it’s no wonder enthusiasts from all over the world come to Florida all year round. Another great thing to do in Florida is to simply relax and enjoy the warm weather and the sun. Are you a golfer? Of course you are. Let us know if you need any recommendations for courses in your area. Once you get here, you can be sure that you will never want to go back north again. Well, maybe at least during the summer months. And we will be ready when you are.

Good to know,

Here are a few key things to remember when shipping your car. Following these simple rules will help you out in the long run.

  1. Remove all toll tags and parking passes from your car.
  2. Make sure you are present when the auto transport company does a complete inspection of your vehicle before shipping.
  3. Obtain a signed copy of the inspection report along with Bill of Lading from the carriers.
  4. Your vehicle must be in good running condition in order to qualify for shipping.
  5. You should not have more gas than a quarter tank in your car before handing it for shipping.
  6. Hand over a complete set of keys to your company while delivering the vehicle for shipping.