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The Time Is Now!

By now you should be starting your preparations for travel this season. If not, we are here to help. The reservation forms for this season have been mailed out and we look forward to receiving them back. Make sure you take the time to fill them out and send them in to secure your travel date. As we do our best to keep the costs down, we are always making sure you are educated on what you can do as well.


Diesel and gas prices are on the rise. That means other companies are going to try to raise their prices to compensate. Here at East Coast Auto Transport, we are committed to keeping our prices affordable.

Now Servicing Your Area

We are very happy to introduce our newest terminals in Tuckahoe, New York and Norwalk, Connecticut. Make sure you contact us today about using these Terminals. Save yourself some time and money.

Refer a Friend

East Coast Auto Transport is now offering a referral service. If you refer your family and/or friends to take advantage of our service, and they ship their car in the same season as you, we will reward you with $50. It’s that simple. Our reputation is important and we know the only way to keep that going is by word of mouth. It’s time to let your friends in on the secret!

New To The Family!

East Coast Auto Transport is happy to introduce two new members of our family. Dave is currently working in the Rhode Island office on the phones and will be able to assist you in booking your reservation. Dennis is new to our West Palm Beach office and will be working on the phone and assisting the West Palm Beach Terminal/Airport Customers. We are glad both of them are here and we are sure that their experience and knowledge will make things here at East Coast Auto Transport easier for you.

Visit Our Website

Visit our Web site today for reservation and terminal info. As always we are available for any questions or concerns you may have. All our contact information is available on http://www.Eastcoastautotransport.com We look forward to working with you in the future.